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Hi Nick,


thanks for the swift reply.

nickrose wrote:

If I adjust OUT1 Level, the meters show that this affects Inputs 1 and 5. Similarly, OUT2 Level affects 2 and 6. Etcetera. OUT5-8 Levels have no effect.

This suggests to me that ADAT sends 1 to 4 are active, and that Inputs 5-8 are aliases (copies) of inputs 1-4.

Well, it’s the same in my system then. Which is to say that in 96 KHz operation the H8000FW muxes the first mono signal from Logic to 1 and 5.


1. First mono signal at 96 KHz goes to 1, 5

2. Second mono signal at 96 KHz goes to 2, 6

3. Third mono signal at 96 KHz goes to 3, 7

4. Fourth mono signal at 96 KHz goes to 4, 8

So like the ADAT protocol specifies that in frequencies above 48KHz, multiplexing takes place, the number of channels is halfed and all is good. I can confirm this from Logic and I can also confirm this from the front meters in the H8000FW. However, I use the ADAT output on the H8000FW to return the signals to Logic and nothing happens at any channel. When choosing to monitor the outputs from the front panel, only channels 1 and 2 are lit but still no sound.

Ideally, I would like to use two configurations:

When tracking: Dual Stereo plus a stereo signal IO from ADAT

When mixing: Dual IO from ADAT.

However Dual Analog Stereo plus a stereo IO signal from ADAT seems impossible because the first four main inputs to the DSPs are always occupied by the analog IOs which leaves no choice for ADAT at 96KHz given the above multiplexing. Bummer… So it’s either 48KHz or no go… 🙁

At least, when mixing, I’d like to be able to send and receive all 4 channels from ADAT. The A-B ADAT preset (number 12) doesn’t seem to work for some reason… I am going to test it with preset 19 and will tell you if I have any luck.