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neoland wrote:

I got a lot of equipment with midi of the years, but this is the very first time I've been struggeling. Am I the only one?  

Lots of people have had trouble with the preset list functionality in H9 Control.  So, you're not the only one…

I made a quick screen capture on my Mac showing two different ways of adding a preset to a preset list using the "Edit List" drag and drop functionality in the Preset List screen.


I start out with a preset list with six presets.  First, I drag and replace the Chorus preset "Liquid Sweetener" onto preset position 2.  When you drag and replace, you'll notice that no other presets in the list get moved.  Then, I drag and insert the Filter Pong preset "WubbaWubbaWubba" to preset position 3.  When you drag and insert, you'll notice that all of the presets above the newly inserted preset get moved up by one position.  But you can still keep the rest of your presets at their given positions if you delete one of the presets by dragging it off the list.  This will shift everything down by one again.  I do that with the "Spring Theory" preset at position 4…