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Hey, I`m actually controlling two Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36`s and my H9 with the FCB1010. The GM36 has the presets loaded in order, so I step on the “1” button, preset 1 on the amp comes on. What I needed to overcome was that I didn`t feel like going through moving and renaming presets and lists on the H9 to correspond in numerical order, especially since I have different amp presets that use the same preset on the H9, and vice/versa (for instance I have my basic lead tone on slot 7, then slot 8 is the same tone with a one octave whammy sound, 9 is the same lead tone with a harmonized 4th, etc…)

What I did was go into the H9 app, opened up the midi menu, and got into “midi program change map”. You can set it up to where button 1 on the 1010 (midi command “0”) triggers the preset of your choosing on the H9. You can do the same with all of them, assigning specific presets to the buttons even though they`re not in order on the device. I even have mine to automatically bypass the H9 when I`m not on an amp preset that uses it. I hope that helps, and feel free to throw any questions my way at voodoojef@voodoodownmusic.com . I don`t have all the answers but I have made my way around the device.