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voodoojeff wrote:

Let`s say I`m using whatever midi controller that has ten buttons to change presets on the H9. I`m on preset 3, and step on the button for preset 7. Preset 7 comes on. Is it possible to program the H9 to toggle active/bypass by stepping on the same button again? Basically getting the H9 to react differently to the same midi command a second time ie; it knows it`s already ON preset "X", so it knows you want it to toggle. 

No not really.  I've heard of other stompboxes that respond to MIDI program changes that way, and I think it's clever that they do that.  But the H9 doesn't have a mechanism for supporting that particular behavior.  You could always have on footswitch be your active / bypass though and the other footswitches be for loading presets.