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juanneco wrote:


I wanted to ask you if you've been able to follow up on this.

I would like to know if I could midi trigger the looper on/off from an outside source (for example, from a midi track triggered by MPC or ableton live). I'm curious to know not only if it's possible, but if it's well done (if it doesn't fall out of sync).


If you have the latest firmware update for Timefactor, you should be able to do this and sync rock solid with MIDICLK.  We also added support for MIDI Start and Stop (which most DAWs send when you press the Play and Stop transport controls).  Of course, you can also use MIDI CCs assigned to various looper functions (REC, PLY, etc).  You'll want to refer to the updated looper manual for more details.  It can be found in the Looper Info tab of H9 Control, or here: