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gkellum wrote:

If you have the latest firmware installed on your PitchFactor, you can use it together with H9 Control, which should make a lot of the configuration self explanatory.  If you connect it to H9 Control, click on the Pedal button in the apps bottom menubar, and go to MIDI Settings, you’ll see that most of PitchFactor’s MIDI functionality can be configured there.


i’ve not updated any firmware, wasn’t aware you could do to be honest. but, will try and do that first. i’m just confused on how to get the es8 to control it. i think i need it to be controlled on midi channel 3 from the es8, (flashback on 1, and rjm for mk v on channel 2). which particular section do i need to look at to do this? i’ll only be using the pitchfactor at its simplest level to begin with, i’m confused on how to get good sounds out of it still so far. so to begin with i’ll only want to use the diatonic settings.