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xdadex wrote:
juanneco wrote:


I wanted to ask you if you've been able to follow up on this.

I would like to know if I could midi trigger the looper on/off from an outside source (for example, from a midi track triggered by MPC or ableton live). I'm curious to know not only if it's possible, but if it's well done (if it doesn't fall out of sync).

Yes, it does work relatively well on the timefactor. It's all synced up. Although from time to time the pedal messes up the loop and it strays out of sync- like counts to 14 instead of 16. Weird things like that) I've been using it in my band for about 3 yrs now. i haven't gotten the H9 looper to work well. And when I updated the firmware on the timefactor to the new version it stopped working well, so I've had to keep the old version installed.


What exactly isn't working well with the new version?  It should by all estimates be much better than the old one.