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teacue wrote:

Does H3000 Factory Native contains all the parameters of the H3000 Hardware Algorithm #102 Dual Shift?

I am slowly and enthusiastically learning how to program the H3000 Factory Plugin smiley

For this purpose I had a look to the Eventide H3000 Programming Worksheets that one can find on your old site.

In these Workseets I founded the parameters for the algorithm #102, Dual Shift:

Left Pitch

Left Delay

Left Feedback

Left Mix

Right Pitch

Right Delay

Right Feedback

Right Mix

And the Expert Parameters:

Low Note

High Note


Seing that you could reproduce the preset #102 Dual Shift in the Plugin,

can I consider that the parameters Left Pitch, Left Delay, Left Feedback and Left Mix from the the Dual Shift algorithm are similar to:

Pitch Shift 1, Delay 1, Delay 1 Feedback and Mixer 1 in the Plugin?

(Then the same for right)

And that the expert parameters Low Note, High Note are similar to:

Pitch Shift Parameters: Low Note, High Note in the plugin?

If yes, it would mean that all the H3000 original presets based on this algorithm (to my knowledge there are twenty presets) can be reproduced in the plugin.

Would you then consider to provide the Data Sheets of these original  presets?

In my learning process I would gladly reproduce/transcribe these presets manually.

Best regards


Intersting question. I’ll try re-creating one of the H3000 Dual shit algo presets and compare the sound 🙂