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tomasbr wrote:

Any news on this? Removing my two H9's from Bluetooth devices and then repairing after every restart or switch cycle is really frustrating. I'm using Win 10.

The behavior you are describing is specific to your Windows system.  In most cases on Windows, you pair with an H9 once and it remains connected as a device after you restart your Windows machine.  I don't know what Bluetooth dongle you are using or what Bluetooth driver that chip is using, but I would guess that the problem you are having is related to the Bluetooth driver.  Bluetooth dongles that use the built in Windows Bluetooth driver tend to behave better than dongles using custom drivers like the WIDCOMM or BlueSoleil driver, and in some cases a Bluetooth dongle may work fine with the Windows Bluetooth driver but they still bundle it with some other Bluetooth driver which doesn't work as well.