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Eventide Staff
amcolan wrote:

right now im running my H9's in the FX Loop because of the increased Hiss im getting in front of the amp.  Is there a way to get a decent sound out of crush station while its in the FX Loop?  i know overdrives typically should be in front of the amp.  When i have it running post the volume of the drive drops significantly.



Usually, I wouldn't recommend running distortion in a loop because you lose character of the pedal's gain, and the tone and filtering effects of the distortion become much more subtle.  Distortion does a fair amount dynamic compression, and so does your amp.  But if you end up liking the sound, who's to argue, it's all subjective really.  

But… this is exactly the situation we designed the newer Pre/Post routing mode feature for.  You can have one pedal hooked up both in front of and in the loop of an amp, and switch it's position on preset by preset basis.  This way you can have distortions up front and time-based effects in the loop.  Have you tried using Pre/Post routing as a solution? 

Alos, Re: Hiss, have you tried the turning on the Gate that is in CrushStation?