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amcolan wrote:
I have an H9 max and a core. There are about 10 presets that I want to have on both units. 6 are on the max and 4 are on the core. How do I move these presets from unit to unit so that I have them on both pedal. I essentially want presets 1-10 to be these 10 presets on both units.

I made a quick screencast showing how you can do this:


I'll quickly describe what I'm doing in the screencast.  I connected two H9s to H9 Control, and I went to H9 Control's Preset screen.  On the first H9, I used the big, black wheel on the H9 itself to call up the preset I want to copy; it's preset #3 on that H9 titled "My Awesome Preset".  Loading it up on the H9 causes it to appear in H9 Control as well.  I press save and save this preset locally to H9 Control.  Then, I select the serial number of my 2nd H9 in the top bar to connect to the second H9.  I navigate through my presets to find the preset I just saved, i.e. My Awesome Preset, and I save that preset to preset position 3 on the 2nd H9.  Then, at the end I go into the Preset List screen and look at the contents of both H9s in the preset list screen to verify that "My Awesome Preset" is now saved at preset position 3 on both H9s.