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I use my dedicated freeze pedal all the time, at all of its FAST, SLOW, and LATCH positions.  It’s probably irreplaceable in my rig (except by that pedal that followed it up).

But an H9 simulation can go so, so much further.  Algorithm dependent, I can selectively apply & overlay other effects on the frozen processing, and all within a single unit.  Gear the H9 ‘freeze’ algo choice to the added FX processing desired.  Using something like SpaceTime, that’s an extra-versatile approach.

Take the FAST emulation above (instant-on / instant-off), and snap in freeze (via the Parallel VERB LVL and INF DECAY).  At the same time, bring up some preset modulation settings and dual bouncing delays by shifting the main MIX.   When the Aux Switch is released, everything goes front-and-center with (nearly) 100% dry input.

As a bonus, SpaceTime makes it easy to illustrate the effect routing and switch action.  First, with the Aux Switch pressed [expression pedal full toe  =  freeze + effects]:

Expression Pedal Toe  (Aux Switch to EXP PED / HotKnob):  MIX  50  VERB LVL  Parallel 100  DECAY  INF

And when the Aux Switch is released, the freeze buffer gets truncated.  MIX stops the mod & time-based effects dead in their tracks.  This is the ‘normal’ position of the switch.  Input signal is dry, with some pass-through audio from the effects routing.

Expression Pedal Heel  (Aux Switch to EXP PED / HotKnob):  MIX  0  VERB LVL  Parallel 0  DECAY  1/16t

But … that additional effects processing remains active in the background, so it opens up some performance options with the momentary Aux Switch.  Double-tapping might bring up a mod+delay emphasis, with nearly inaudible freeze.  Active switching overlaps dry input with previously frozen notes and echo.  The HotSwitch here is a fail-safe.  It snaps MIX 0 at Off to MIX 50 at On, for modulation and delay without freezing.  A tap on the Aux Switch resets the HotSwitch latch back to (an equivalent) Off setting.