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Another H9 -exclusive technique combines more than one freeze-pedal feature within the same preset.  For example, a hybrid of the LATCH note switch action, along with the SLOW mode envelope shaping.  ‘Dynamic reversal’ in the Omnipressor produces some very expressive phrasing, and it’s controlled by your input.

The interaction between FREEZE switching and playing dynamics will blend through auto-accompaniment, latched freeze, small space reverb, and attack / release fades.  Create a keyboard or string section background on-the-fly.  Loud signals can duck the FREEZE while it sustains underneath.  Softer notes will not affect it.

Expression Pedal Heel:  DECAY  FREEZE

Expression Pedal Toe:   DECAY  1.0 S

HotSwitch OFF:  LOW-LEVEL  50  HIGH-LEVEL  -35  SIDECHAIN  IN10 + RV 0

HotSwitch ON:   LOW-LEVEL  -50  HIGH-LEVEL  75  SIDECHAIN  IN 0 + RV10

The HotSwitch remaps equalization, and adds some randomness to the freeze configuration [Ducking defeated].


This next preset introduces dynamics in a different way.  It combines freeze latching of an inverse decay reverb, with ‘breathing’ delay loops and resonant shelving filters. Plus everything is bathed in some shallow modulation.

The inverse reverb buildup is ‘sampled’ when you release the Aux Switch (back to FREEZE).  So the dynamic level of the frozen signal is determined by exactly when Aux=OFF.   Use that to ‘ride’ the freeze levels.  FEEDBACK is set to 75 when Aux=ON, so it’ll take a fairly long Aux Switch hold to ‘erase’  the freeze buffer contents.

Expression Pedal Heel:  FEEDBACK  FREEZE

Expression Pedal Toe:   FEEDBACK  75

HotSwitch OFF:  PRE-DELAY  2000 mS

HotSwitch ON:   PRE-DELAY  20 mS

The HotSwitch drastically cuts the delay time inside the regeneration.  This changes the behavior to a more ‘normal’ freeze emulation, with less inversion, looping, and release time.  Actually, not all that normal, because all that BLACKHOLE processing creates a monstrous freeze.  Use this configuration to make a strong statement.