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aaronlittle wrote:

Does it delete one of my current 99 presets or do I need to delete one of the 99 presets before I get the algorithm?

Oh… When you buy Blackhole, the purchase process doesn't install any presets on your H9.  All of the Blackhole presets are in H9 Control, and it's up to you to decide which presets you want to save onto your H9 and where you want to save them.  Even if you don't save any Blackhole presets onto the H9 though, you can still always get to Blackhole by clicking the Preset switch twice;  this will put you in algorithm selection mode, and you can scroll to the Blackhole algorithm to load it.  But you'll want to add some Blackhole presets somewhere in your H9's list of 99 presets so that you can use the footswitches to queue and load them just like you would any other preset.