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nickrose wrote:


When I turn the jog wheel fast, it increments slowly.  When I turn it slowerr, it increments faster… I’m using it with an Orville running 2.740.


You may have a faulty wheel, or you may be turning it faster than it can work. Either way, your unit will be way out of warranty, so it is unlikely to be worth the cost of fixing it.

I’m reviving this thread, as I just bought an Orville/R with EVE/NET remote, and I’ve found that although the large encoder wheel seems to work very well (both forward and backward) when I turn it rather slowly to possibly moderately, it works very poorly when I turn it faster (as in, the values almost tread water when you spin it in either direction, because it repeatedly alternates between incrementing and decrementing values).

In my experience, this sort of behavior is typical of a failing (or maybe dirty) encoder, but the Eventide rep’s response above (“you may be turning it faster than it can work”) sort of implied the possibility that it’s well-known that the wheel behaves this way if you turn it too quickly. But he stopped short of confirming this.

I’d love it if someone at Eventide, or one of you guys, can give me the scoop on this. I suspect the wheel on the EVE/NET is the same as the one on the face of regular Orville, and possibly other models too. I’m currently running OS 2.740, though this issue seems more mechanical to me. I am trying to update to 3.02, just in case there was a software fix, but my upgrade issues may be a topic for another post…