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I’m not particularly interested in having to use an iOS device to tweak presets, and while I have a many-knobbed MIDI controller that should be a good match for H9, I find it frustrating that the LED display only shows the *value* of the parameter that is changing in response to a MIDI CC message. When the 10 parameters mean rather completely different things from one algorithm to the next and the only visual feedback from externally mapped knobs is the value response, it sounds to me like trying to paint in the dark.

I would be happy to hear that this is already possible, as it’s the one thing that makes me uncertain about buying an H9. If it’s not possible, and if it wouldn’t be possible or desirable to always show an abbreviated parameter name in response to an incoming CC message stream (either before the value changes are displayed or next to them), then at least making it possible to map a “display parameter name” function to CC messages would allow an external workaround.

Sorry for the rant and the iLuddism. Just doesn’t fit into my workflow. So this is my (possibly also on behalf of those who want to bring more tactile control to an H9) wish!