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Dario wrote:

Ok, It would be a dream to find these two new algorithms on the H9 :

– 7 VOICES Resonator ( instead of 4 voices ) with two modes : Chromatic ( take a look to the Lexicon PCM 80)  and Chordal. In this last one, the Resonator/filter frequencies will be set automatically based on a setting for a Chord type. A base frequency scales all seven voices to any pitch/key. 

-7 VOICES Pitch shifter (insted of 4 voices), every single pitch voice will have a maximum delay time of 6 seconds

Who know if it will become real one day


I totally agree wth the Pitch Traking Comb Filters and I’d add Pitch Tracking Moog/Oberheim stlye flters as well… or both combined.

Pitch Traking FX are Eventide’s, isnt it ?