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I ended up with the H9 max sold my middle of the road unit for the max.

i got my 3 button switch (t1m http://this1smyne.com/shop/e3dauxswitch/)  to work but it can’t see to figure out which button does what.

I am pretty sure the middle button is TRS

So there are two others, I am guessing one is Tip and One is Ring

My question is in the setup, I go to pedal, then Aux switch mappings.

I see Increment and Decrement preset.

I would want to set Increment to Foot Switch 1 (tip)

Decrement to Foot Switch 2 (ring)

Then I go back to that screen and see:

Increment Preset SW1

Decrement Preset SW2

Tap Tempo SW3

But it doesn’t seem to “take” one of them makes the preset increment the other does not.

As far as I can tell the tap is working.