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some algos I’d like to see implemented in the future;

1) as others have pointed out, some granular effects, and generally more experimental stuff..

2) bitcrush/samplereduction/distortion/clipping/filter (pre/post) in one effect similar to d16 decimort – http://d16.pl/decimort2

…though i’m not against some more experimental reverb/delay ideas, here are some I had in mind;

3) a modulating stereo delay, with pos and neg phase feedback (pcm42 style), that can then be smeared/diffused all the way into a lush reverb, with hi frequencies intact … would be able to go from delay to chorus to flanger to reverb, and everything in between

4) Vintage Reverb, think NonLin reverb, AMS RMX, 80s style, and generally some low end reverb techniques would be nice

5) also a reverb that genetally doesn’t cut too much high frequencies – as far as I’ve been able to tweak at only Blackhole can reverberate the high end