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jarred wrote:

gkellum, I am currently having problems updating my H9 and stumbled across this thread.  I have two H9's and one of them takes way longer to power up than the other one,it has been doing this for awhile and is not the current issue I am concerned about, but I have wondered why that is.

H9s have a software component, which we call the bootloader, which is responsible for launching the main operating system and handling software updates to the main operating system.  If the bootloader is somehow damaged, then people can run into problems when trying to update their H9s.  One way that the H9 shows that its bootloader is damaged is delaying start-up for 10 seconds after it is powered on.  If this is what you are seeing, please send an email to support@eventide.com and let us know what kind of computer(s) you have access to, i.e. Mac or Windows.  We can send you some software that you can use to repair your H9s bootloader which should mean that you won't run into any trouble trying to update your H9s software in the future.