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This preset blurs the lines between freeze, short looping, & sequencers.  Versatile & highly interactive multi-FX.

The initial default – or after erasing the delay buffer – is dry input, plus a small, bright room.  Holding down the Aux switch adds a one-shot burst of 4 resonant delay taps.  Releasing the Aux switch freezes and latches the sequence into an ‘infinite’ background loop.  Playing over the top of that is the dry signal + reverb.  Tapping the Aux switch edits the sequence, and also erases it [short hold with no additional input].


Aux / EXP PED Toe:   FEEDBACK   FB:2   1

HotSwitch Off:  RHYTHM

HotSwitch On:  RHYTHM

The HotSwitch shifts the RHYTHM sequence as a ‘live’ parameter within the frozen loop.  This preset uses the ‘disintegrator’ FEEDBACK mode [FB:2].  Those variations in the background sequence are added to the 1st Aux switch’s high level of control over the ‘captured’ signal.