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nickrose wrote:

javiceres wrote:
Thanks for the response. I see, so a future H9 algorythm with deep editing capabilities in the vein of the rack units (albeit with more limited power) is out of question, right? Best regards.

Actually, we would like to do this, but (believe it) these algorithms are so complex and carefully tuned, that we don’t think that there will be,much demand for this. As an example, our rack units have totally editable algorithms, but disappointingly feẃ people take advantage of this. To be fair, this is partly because it is rather difficult, but I think this is where we came in.


I understand, but there’s always middle solutions. For instance, in Harmodulator being able to select the modulaition depth of each of the two voices separately.  Or in Band Delays and FilterPong: a control over the cut off frequency of the filters, even if it’s just fine tuning. Those are simple and handy parameters that extend the capabilities, for an “expert mode”. I’m sure that a couple of algos in the vein of the H3000 Mod factory and such with a simple graphical interface would get to be classics and could be marketed as a leap in the world of pedals (another). And best of all, rightfully so!

I understand though that getting down to the very core with most algos would be out of the whole “pedal” idea.

Anyway thank you for listening indeed. I greatly decided on basing my FX on Eventide devices due to the history of long term support and innovation in your creations. Unlike, I would say, the rest.

Best regards.