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having same problem, but i dont use “Any” of the distortion effects….

ok, here is senario..  🙂

i am trying to do the “Pre/Post” set up…guitar in input one etc. and the set up through the “Effects Loop” etc.

now, clean sounds are ok…but when i try and use the “Distorion from amp”…(Marshall JVM) it just goes NUTZ !!..???

if i run the H9 through the Effects loop??….its fine??….but the Effects are WAY LESS NOTICABLE…????????

you can “Kinda Tell there There”…???….but most you cant really get them Noticable..???

the Wah, in the effects loop for “Me”…almost Usuless…?? sounds more “Slightly like a Phasor…so like the setting to do through the “Front” and through

“Effects Loop”….however i am not sure if there is a Seting i need to do…??? all the Inputs are set low?? only way i can get it dead slient is but turning the effect level

to -0 and basically turned off…??? so now i have a $899.00 “Paper weight”…????? only other effect i use, is a Rocktron Hush IIC

to Quiet every thing down, but even with that? it “Squeels like Crazy” ???? is there a Setting i should try…???

Any recomemdations…???

by the way when it does work?? through effects loop sounds good, but not how i would Imagine it to “Alter my Sounds” like it shows in “Videos”

in a Practice with a Small amp or low level recording seems to be ok? but then it defeats point of having a “Pedal LIVE”

so hopefully there is a setting i have “Overlooked”..   🙂

any help is Greatly Appreciated…  🙂