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I see that in a long time no progress was made in this area. I personally fail to understand why you did not just start from scratch with one of the technologies that allow both iOS and Android apps to be based on the same code base, such as Cordoba or phonegap. Obviously there is also low level bluetooth comminication layers, but these are probably a one time generic code, but then the front end and middleware layers can be shared.

I think there is enough business justification for that. The fact you have consulted several consultants and all wanted to go a different way than port the existing code, probably means you have gone the wrong way since the get go. And considering that your in house knowledge of much lower layers software such as algorithms and drivers just put you in the wrong direction.

The fact that you have invested work in this before shouldn’t feter you from scrapping it all and doing in right. That’s just my opinion as a software executive with experience at both start ups and major enterprises.

That is not what I wanted to write though. What I want to let you know is that despite the H9 being a supoerior effects unit, after a year I am selling it and moving on.

And the reason is exactly this – lack of an Android app and no intention of resolving this issue – which is apparently of interest to many users.

The unit itself is hard to operate manually. With the software it’s nice. WHile at home I have a pc near it and an ipad, when taking my equipment to rehersal or a gig, just modifying a parameter not programmed in a button in one of my presets is hell. Not to mention that just ad hock usage is hellish as well. If I just feel I want a tape delay with one repeat and short delay time, it’s button dance. While having an app on my android phone in my pocket would have made it the perfect swiss knife.

So bye bye H9, it was fun while it lasted (well, it hasn’t really, for the above reasons – but it sounded good).

I hope one day you come to your senses. This whole thread seesm just like a poor business call and then a failure to fix it.