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Thanks very much indeed! I figured this might be the case…I don’t have an expression pedal, but in the meantime before I get one I suppose I could follow the instructions to setup the wheel to work like an expression pedal if I can figure out how to select the right knob that the wheel will control. I can probably reach over and quickly dial the wheel down, but I can see that the expression pedal is the way to go…

It is quickly becoming evident that at least two H9’s and maybe an expression pedal for each are critical to even begin to really make practical use of the H9.

I hope to get a Max to go along with my Core and get a Mission expression pedal. I’m a rank amateur at digital effects…I’ve used no effects for almost 35 years even though I’ve collected and played with vintage effects for decades. I’ve never been able to practically use them in a live setting so I just go straight from guitar to amp. I’m lost with analog effects and I’m even more lost with algorithms and controllers and all that!

Thanks again for your help!