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1) Hot switch indicator – I use an aux switch to activate the “Hot” button on some of my presets.  I wish there was something on the H9’s display to inicate the “Hot” switch is on, just a little dot on the display or something.

2) Send midi from software – When using the H9 Control on my iPad it would be great to send the midi data when I swicth to a preset since I am also using a Timefactor and I want to change the preset on the TF as well.

3) Kill-dry per preset – would be great now that I can use the pre/post option with 4 cables

4) Add tuner as a preset – I wish I could set a preset to the tuner.  When playing live, I maybe have 10 prsets that I go through in the order of the songs.  It would be nice to insert the tuner as a preset in the middle, or maybe even in multiple locations in the preset list.  It would even be cool to name the preset an alternate tuning, so I can remember, like DGDGBD. I have trouble engaging the tuner without stomping on my OX9 switches.