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Eventide Staff

As far as I can see, my previous comments still apply. It looks as if you are trying to mix MIDIclock and tap tempo – as described above, this won't work. (I take "midi setting/midi clock is set to yes on all three" to mean that MIDIclock in is enabled, but it's unclear).

You could either:

1) Forget MIDI clock, and allow the tap CC to control both H9s. This is probably best, as this will give you downbeats on both units, which you will not get from MIDIclock. (First H9 – MIDIclock in off, MIDIclock out off, MIDI out=XMT or THRU).


2) Have the tap CC control the first H9 (MIDIclock in off, MIDIclock out on, MIDI out=XMT or THRU+CLK), and then have it generate MIDIclock to control the second H9 (MIDIclock in enabled).