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      I have two H9, which are to recieve a midi clock from my Gigrig G2.

      The G2 sends out a cc message #93 on channel 2.


      I have set up my first (first in midi signal chain) H9 to

      – recieve midi on channel 2,

      – midi setting/midi clock is set to yes on all three

      – Assing Midi cc message/tap tempo is set to MIDI CC93

      – MDI output is set to “Thru+midi clock”


      Second H9 is set up

      – recieve midi on channel 1 (prefer it like this, might not be good)

      – midi setting/midi clock is set to yes on all three

      – Assing Midi cc message/tap tempo is set to MIDI CC93

      – MDI output is set to “Thru+midi clock” (guess that doesn`t matter since it is last in line)


      The first H9 doesn`t recieve/react on tap tempo, and neither does the second one.


      What am I doing wrong?



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      Eventide Staff

      You're not doing anything wrong. These units only allow one tempo source, so if you have MIDIclock in, you can't have tap tempo.

      This is because MIDIclock can be unstable (especially when coming from a computer), and if you set tap tempo, and then there was a tiny change in MIDI tempo, it would overrule your tap, and you could never be sure what the tempo source was.

      For his reason, we thought it best that you clearly specify the tempo source.

      Don't use THRU+CLK unless you actually need it, as it can slow the unit down if the MIDI is busy. Use THRU or XMT if you don't care.


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      I might not explain my issue the right way. I only have one tap tempo source, the G2 switcher.
      Signal chain is G2 (midi out) to #1 H9 midi in to #1 H9 midi out to #2 H9 midi in.
      No other midi signal

      G2 can send midi control message as a tap tempo midi output.
      This function is designed to work on foot switch 7.
      Instead of sending a programme change message, just once; foot switch 7 can be set to send a CC message in time with every tap of the switch.

      A CC messages will be sent to the midi out in time with your foot switch press. In single mode and also on each press in stomp mode)

      Does this clear up anything?

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      Eventide Staff

      As far as I can see, my previous comments still apply. It looks as if you are trying to mix MIDIclock and tap tempo – as described above, this won't work. (I take "midi setting/midi clock is set to yes on all three" to mean that MIDIclock in is enabled, but it's unclear).

      You could either:

      1) Forget MIDI clock, and allow the tap CC to control both H9s. This is probably best, as this will give you downbeats on both units, which you will not get from MIDIclock. (First H9 – MIDIclock in off, MIDIclock out off, MIDI out=XMT or THRU).


      2) Have the tap CC control the first H9 (MIDIclock in off, MIDIclock out on, MIDI out=XMT or THRU+CLK), and then have it generate MIDIclock to control the second H9 (MIDIclock in enabled).

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