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kikis wrote:

… “Is there any freeze function (with a single click or holding a button) in any reverb/shimmer/blackhole algorithm?

I scrolled down the reverb/shimmer algorithm the bottom right button always shows as TAP instead of FREEZE.

Is there any possibilities that the TAP button will be function or even changed to become FREEZE button, as shown like one below? (this pic is not H9) …

Currently, you’ll need an external solution:  An Aux switch (or two or three).  An expression pedal will work, but an assignable footswitch will snap in & out of FREEZE mode.  The next decision is whether to have FREEZE set up as latching [Switch On – Switch Off], or momentary [Switch On – Release Switch Off].

For a latching action, assign it to the HotSwitch [Performance Switch / Flex].  Then program the HotSwitch to snap from the preset’s default value to FREEZE [FRZ; INF; etc.].  For a momentary action, map the Aux switch to the expression pedal settings.  In H9 Control:  Pedal  ->  Aux Switch Mappings  ->  Set Expression Pedal Value (aka HotKnob value).  Then adjust the expression pedal’s low & high limits between the default value (at Heel), and a FREEZE position (at Toe).

HotSwitch or Aux -> Expression mappings can be saved per-preset.  Either one allows you to switch multiple parameters between two sets of values.  For global switching [per-parameter number, across all presets], go with directly assigning an Aux Switch to a single control [Set parameter 1-10].  

I think that around half of the reverb / H9 Special algorithms have some kind of FREEZE capability.  More, if you consider delay oscillation [FEEDBACK ~90-110].  I’ve posted quite a few examples here across many algorithm types.  This is the result of the Eventide forum search after inputting “brock freeze”.