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AAgnello wrote:

… Sculpt uses all of the H9’s CPU cycles to model the nonlinearities of analog circuits. It’s amazing, but not too surprising, that it takes lots of DSP to achieve better than cheesy sounding analog gain effects – not that there’s anything wrong with cheese if that’s what you’re going for. We’ve done our best to create a good sounding model of analog gain and threw all of the cycles at that task.

And, like most of what we do, our goal was to create an effect that’s flexible and that offers a wide range of possibilities. We’ve researched lots of analog distortion pedals and found quite a variety of approaches …

Sculpt is designed to be a creative tool. A tool that allows you to sculpt your own sound. We’ll include a bunch of presets as starting points but trust that some of you will go nuts (in a good way) and craft something unique …

And that’s why many of us continue to invest in Eventide effects.  The philosophy bleeds through on that video teaser.  Vernon Reid absolutely RIPS through that EQ from 1:20 (“What Is That Sound”).