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gkellum wrote:

D_Boult wrote:

So occasionally the box pops and crackles, sounds like bits of static especially when doing loooong reverbs. Anyone else ever got this? Kind of renders it useless as I use it live and its very audible (I play very quiet music….).

Is this a new behavior?  Did it just start doing this recently?  I can think of two cases where I’ve heard this in the past.  One, the unit has a bad memory chip, or two, a software update didn’t install correctly.  You might want to try reinstalling the Space’s software if it had it’s software updated recently and you think that might be the problem.


Thanks for the reply! The box is new to me, It’s been in a box for quite some time unused. So i have no real idea if this is a new problem.

I reinstalled the software the other day with no success in getting rid of the pops. I’ll try it again. If it is the memory chip is that something that can be sorted in your experience? Thanks again….