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There are some basic wish list items really asked for a while now. Not all of them new effects either….
1) making Pitch Flex capable of Dry only in Heel Down expression, otherwise one of the most common effects a whammy is really not usable. You instead have to put Heel Down to unison harmony and leave effect on all the time 100% wet unison instead of 100% dry. This request has come up for years
2) Series as well as prallell without changing physical routing of cables on Dual delays and Phasers as well to have MuTron like effects.
3) sequenced option on tremolo
4) univibe effect

I know you can’t get to all of these requests but these are important ones that have been mentioned here and other forums for years now. Not trying to be a dick, love the H9 but I think it’s more important to work with the stuff already on there rather than adding new effects like distortions ect. That’s why the wishlist is here, people are looking for specific changes and upgrades. I understand you can’t get to all these things but after this much time not one of these has been done.
Thanks for listening