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I’ve mentioned these features before, but I don’t see them on this page, so I would like to beat the same drum because I think these are somewhat easily implementable features that would just slay on the H9:


(1) MIDI (CC or otherwise) controls the input source (guitar/bass/synth/bass synth)

(2) Pre/post routing should have a second option per preset so that the loop can operate as it does now OR toggles with the H9 effect (example: delay on the H9, distortion in the loop, loop is active when H9 is bypassed for distortion and no delay, loop is bypassed when H9 is active for clean delay) OR is linked with the H9 effect (example:  octave effect on H9 turns on and off with compression and dirt in the loop).  These three options would be independent of whether the routing was pre or post, but only relevant when wired for pre/post.  See the Amptweaker line of effects and their various loops (including “SideTrack”) for what I’m talking about.

I cannot emphasize how amazing I would find these two simple features to be.  They would help my setup IMMENSELY.


(1) Pattern tremolo

(2) A chromatic multi-voice pitchshifter; basically a keyless/modeless Quadravox (you can do this with two voices in Pitchflex or Harmodulator)

(3) A sequencer/arpeggiator with more control over the sequence instead of preset patterns

(4) Sitar emulation

(5) Organ emulation

(6) Anything synth-y