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Unable to update H9 max to software 5.4.0 — box is currently running 5.2 and H9 Control has latest update installed. I’ve tried updating box from two different Windows PCs, via both USB and Bluetooth. In any combination, I get the same result:

Error clearing flash memory

An error occurred while clearing the required space in flash memory. Error: The stompbox either did not resond or responded incorrectly to a request five times. Please verify tht it is still connected. (Error code MessageConstants::sm_exceeded_maximum_attempts)


Communication error

An error occurred while communication with the H9 device <H9-04958>

The stopmpox is not responding. Please verify that it is still connected. (Error code MessageConstants::sm_response_timeout)

Error code [sm_response_timeout}

I’ve emailed support, but in the meantime, any suggestions from the board would be most welcome