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EQ Compressor, CrushStation, and Sculpt Info Tabs wrote:
The compressor ( sustainer ) is specially designed to vary the numerous parameters of a typical compressor, such as the ratio, attack, release, and makeup gain to keep the overall loudness consistent.

Any chance of listing the general ranges of those parameters in bold?  I realize that they’re highly interactive, and it would be difficult to pin down exact values at any given point in the Pre- / Post- ‘throw’ from 0-100.

But perhaps just the extreme values at 0 & 100, for ratio, attack, release (not necessarily makeup gain).  Or with a midpoint value , and over a linear / logarithmic curve.  Or whether the compression combinations are identical over the three algorithms, or that ranges have been tweaked specifically for one algo over the next.

Hey, if it’s proprietary to the algorithm(s) design, I understand.  But I believe that it’d be easier to fine-tune the compressor(s) with some idea of what’s available ‘under the hood’.  I’m the last person that you’d expect to seek out an “Auto-Gain” solution for compression.  I’ve found this particular implementation to be very useful.