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wedelich wrote:

Wet/Dry mode sums the stereo inputs, because by constraint of the # of outputs on the H9 (two), Wet/Dry mode can only support mono signals.  But it sounds like you are running mono anyway with one amp for wet and one for dry.  Unless there is some reason you sometimes want to run stereo? 

Assuming you always want a dry and wet amp (mono signals), try the the following:

Run the first H9 in Wet/Dry mode, and run the second H9 in Normal routing mode. Connect the dry output of the first H9 to your dry amp, and connect the wet output the first H9 to the input of the second H9 (mono input 1).  Then connect the output of the second H9 (mono output 1) to your wet amp.   

Does that sound like what you want to do? 


Great solution 🙂 

However, I would like the option to go back and froth from running two stereo patches stacked at times and wet/dry. I am sure there are a few more reasons why having a hard pan type of option would be useful.