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Eventide Staff
st.bede wrote:

Great solution 🙂 

However, I would like the option to go back and froth from running two stereo patches stacked at times and wet/dry. I am sure there are a few more reasons why having a hard pan type of option would be useful.

I hear your point, a Mono Routing scheme, selectable within the Wet/Dry Routing mode, where you pick where the algorithm sits (Either b/t I/O 1 OR I/O 2) would be helpful if you have a 2 amp / 2 H9 rig where you want to switch b/t a Wet/Dry amp setup and Stereo Setup.

Pre/Post essentially does this, but you would need to access it from Wet/Dry mode. We ruled that out early on because we didn't want to create any dangerous feedback or amp blowing up situations for people who accidentally pick Wet/Dry or Normal Routing when their rig is hooked up in a Pre/Post configuration.

You could still easily put your amps in a stereo mode using the first H9 with a preset saved as Normal Routing.  You'd only get stereo from the first H9.  The second would serve to make one side "wetter" or could be useful as a one sided auxillary effect or harmony.  

I don't think there is a way to overall have both of these options (chained serial stereo H9s into switching back and forth to full wet/dry) at this point, but I'll give it a harder think.  As it stands you'll need an external loop/switcher or summer/mixer to "have it all."