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Hi Tom:

Yes I would have like to see VST3 a little closer to the near horizon, I appreciate the quick response.  If I can help from a beta tester’s position, I’d be happy to help.  I’ve been recording since the ’70’s and beta testing over 15 years.  

Looking forward to more great plug ins.





TLongabaugh wrote:

Strascak wrote:


I was just wondering if there is any updated news on VST 3 plug ins for PC?  Eventide and Soundtoys are the only plug ins  have that are still VST2?




Hi Kevin-

Unfortunately at the moment, all Eventide plug-ins are still only VST2.4. We still intend to add support for VST3, but we are a small team here and have quite a few other higher priority tasks. I know that’s not an ideal answer, but we are trying to get to it!