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Eventide Staff

Hi teacue,

Unfortunately, I followed your instructions and am not able to reproduce the problem.  If I load Micro Pitched Guitars and set all the parameters except for manual to the above settings, I do hear the result of which you're speaking.  However, Micro Pitched Guitars loads with the MAN value at 0.99.  If I Tune this up I can get it to sound exactly like the other preset.

It is true that low delay and high feedback exacerbates the effect of any slight distuning.  And the knob (like a real analog potentiometer) has better precision that the numerical display, so you may need to switch to fine tune mode by holding command when you drag the mouse and tune it by ear.  It should sound the same if you do, though.

Additionally, there are two hidden parameters in this plug-in CONVERTERS and PITCH DRIFT LOCK which you can reach through the alternate plug-in view, or the automation channels.  However, they're set the same in these two presets, so that's not what's causing a difference here.