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      Using the trial version of the H910 I am trying to understand how the plug works and I compare several factory presets.

      During some test I noticed that after editing all the parameters of  preset A with the value of preset B, preset A did not sound like preset B!

      Here is what I do:

      1. I open the H910 Dual Harmonizer and choose the factory preset: <05 Special FX / 03 Space Helmet>.

      I notice that though the Pitch Ratio in this preset is set to 1.00, the sound is slightly pitching.

      I assume then that this is probably due to the quite high Feedback value.

      The sound goes sometimes slightly up then sometimes slightly down, depending of the input.

      The pitching is not very strong but very present.

      2. I write down the values for each parameter of this preset <Space Helmet>.

      Here are the values for the parameters:

      Stereo Feedback: Mono

      Stereo Link: Link

      Stereo Width: 100.0 %

      Mix: 20 %

      Input Level: 0.0 dB

      Pitch Control Select: Man

      Pitch Ratio: 1.00

      Delay: 22.5ms

      Feedback: 64.0 %

      3. I choose the factory preset <03 Instruments / 01 Micro Pitched Guitars>.

      4. I edit each value of the this preset to the values of the preset <Space Helmet>.

      5. The result does not lead to the same sound from the preset <Space Helmet>!

      The sound is now pitching distinctly stronger and it is clearly pitching down!

      I do not understand why this happens!

      Did I forget a hidden parameter?

      I notice this at page 7 of the User Guide:

      “Pitch Ratio

      The display shows the numerical pitch ratio … Note that, just as in the original unit, when the knob is set between two values, the display will “jitter” between the two. This is visual jitter only, and does not affect the audio.”

      Does it have to do with what I describe?

      I would be glad to understand why the same parameter values do not lead to the same result or if I missed something.

      Best regards

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      Hi teacue,

      Unfortunately, I followed your instructions and am not able to reproduce the problem.  If I load Micro Pitched Guitars and set all the parameters except for manual to the above settings, I do hear the result of which you're speaking.  However, Micro Pitched Guitars loads with the MAN value at 0.99.  If I Tune this up I can get it to sound exactly like the other preset.

      It is true that low delay and high feedback exacerbates the effect of any slight distuning.  And the knob (like a real analog potentiometer) has better precision that the numerical display, so you may need to switch to fine tune mode by holding command when you drag the mouse and tune it by ear.  It should sound the same if you do, though.

      Additionally, there are two hidden parameters in this plug-in CONVERTERS and PITCH DRIFT LOCK which you can reach through the alternate plug-in view, or the automation channels.  However, they're set the same in these two presets, so that's not what's causing a difference here.


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      Now I am really completely puzzled!

      Indeed, fine tuning the knob manually, the way you describe, leads to completely different results, even if the numerical value stays the same!!!

      Tuning this way I could create several presets with the same numerical value 1.00 but each preset is sounding completely different!

      From clearly pitching up to clearly pitching down or waving between both directions!

      So I could indeed aproximately recreate by ear the <Space Helmet> preset.

      Now how should one call this kind of faithfull reproduction of analog behaviour!

      I must say, it is a quite amazing concept.

      Thank you for your explanations, at least I now know one of the big difference between the H3000 Factory and the H910 wink

      Best regards

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