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gkellum wrote:

By the way you don't have a USB cable plugged into the H9 at the same time, b/c that can screw things up…

As I have discovered the H9 will not pass midi on thru if a USB cable/host device is connected.
I can imagine that midi merge or midi output settings might cause problems with USB hooked up and sending/receiving MIDI…but I do have other devices that do treat the 5 pin din ports separately from the USB route.

Can Eventide at least enable midi thru with USB connected?

Also one huge discovery for me is that my iPad with a USB camera connection kit and a hub will allo me to connect multiple H9’s and switch between devices from the H9 control app!
With Bluetooth and Apple having enough flakiness and restrictions I am totally thrilled to be able to hardwire this mission critical control application.

Hopefully the midi thru can coexist with th USB connected.