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 I can tell you from internet surfing that the #1 and #2 problems with the h9 max are simple:

#1)one is price: every complaint post I saw  complained about the price of the h9 max (especially when contemplating needing 2)and opted for strymon stuff  instead because of it or said they would rather buy an eclipse for a few hundred more.. and they always point to #2 as the main reason which is:

  #2)can only run one algorithm at one time ,which incorrectly translates in their mind to “runs one effect at one time” [and yes I am aware some algorithms offer more than 1 effect at a time,but people who seem to know this consider the effects in 1 algorithm as watered down effects as opposed to being able to run more than algorithm].     

#3)+10/-4 output.,and android support


possible solution to #1 Price problem is: lower the price, you will sell more to make up any loss or offer a buy one get 1 free or a way top get 2 for les than a max and a core (though that is step in right direction).people are buying $200 lexicon units instead sadly…

possible solution to #2 and should be addressed ASAP by eventide, the 1 algorithm problem. people hear this, think 1 effect for $699 and walk away. I am aware that some algorithms can have multiple effects contained within them, but people consider those watered down f/x because they are in 1 algorithm. a great solution would be to at least be able to choose and use simultaneously at least 2 different presets simultaneously from the loaded algorithms in h9 (delay preset from timefactor and a pitch from pitchfactor for example) or

1.have a “live” mode algorithm with 16 or whatever number of effects to choose from and you can use 4 to 8 at one time (but they are simple/simpler than full blown effects in algorithms.at least this would stop the 1 effect at one time complaints.


additional algorithms:

1)obviously a style algorithm :METAL algorithm with super high gain distortions and 80’s choruses,reverbs,etc……., a jazz pack, a blues pack ,etc.. with appropriate presets and guitar sounds

2)celebrity and band  algorithms focusing on a famous celebrities or bands sounds, such as the Judas priest or  pink Floyd or David Gilmore algorithm, Steve vain pack or Joe Satriani pack,  or Yngwie pack,etc…

3)a synth algorithm with pog and synth emulations,etc….

4)an algorithm based on a particular effect or amp, for example the marshall algorithm with recreations on j45’s,jcm 800,with reverb,delays specifically tuned for those sounds etc… or specifically for 1 amp like ox ac30 and all the sound sin can produce in one algorithm

5)a tube emulator which is an algorithm imitating tube amps and you could have a  physical add on box that goes with it that has 2 or more real preamp tubes

6)bass, acoustic,12 string, sitar emulator algorithm

7)various guitar emulator algorithm turns your guitar into emulation of various kinds of electric guitars sound wise such as les paul, strat,telecaster,etc….

8)psychoacoustics simulator algorithm: creates pseudo 3-d enhanced, surround type sound from stereo sources, panning,dolby stuff or pseudo stereo from mono sources,bb sonic maximizer stuff

9)algorithm of  existing pedals and rack units: so for distortion , you would be le to choose mxr+, rat, dod pedals,etc…….. or for delay 2290 and recreates its sounds to a tee and its features,etc….

10)microphone algorithm of different microphones miking your guitar,cabinet simulators,etc…

11)a sampler algorithm, can playback triggered wav files etc..

hardware add ons

1)a physical box that lets you program max (a guy in France makes one I think)

2)a eventide midi controller for h9 or multiple h9’s with 8 silent footswitches and can send multiple program changes and cc’s for rest of guitar rig.

3)small pedalboard for 2 h9’s an power

4)a small stereo box with 2  or  5″ or 8″ or 12″ stereo speakers ,2 mono or 1 stereo amp and inputs or h9 (like those 30 watt tiny amps made in Italy),maybe battery powered as well?

5)small aux (midi probably) pedalboard for individual programmable functions of algorithms, turn of delay,chorus, or for looping functions)

6)new h9max with built h9 control and big lcd screen built in and a midi controller with footswithes

7)midi controller with footswitches designed for h9