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Thanks for clarifying this Nick.
Fwiw the first two p,aces I look to educate myself are in the device itself and the user manual. I don’t recall seeing any mention of not using the USB and midi ports together.

I want to point out again that USB and a hub is a much more useable setup when editing more than 1 H9 at a time.

I tried to tweak a bit at a gig Saturday to use the iPad/Bluetooth route with three H9’s and finally gave up. I also know this is an issue with Apple and the iPad Bluetooth chips etc.

Now I am a huge fan of the H9(I own 4 so far) and the editor application.
Eventide is way out in front of anybody else in this game!
The fact remains that in the downsizing and tablet interface for our live audio tools a lot has been made less accessible.
At some point the tweaks will be all set but so far I’ve spent way more time just getting things to work.
It’s always something.
Thanks again