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aliengtr wrote:

 I can tell you from internet surfing that the #1 and #2 problems with the h9 max are simple:

#1)one is price: every complaint post I saw  complained about the price of the h9 max (especially when contemplating needing 2)and opted for strymon stuff  instead because of it or said they would rather buy an eclipse for a few hundred more.. and they always point to #2 as the main reason which is:

  #2)can only run one algorithm at one time ,which incorrectly translates in their mind to “runs one effect at one time” [and yes I am aware some algorithms offer more than 1 effect at a time,but people who seem to know this consider the effects in 1 algorithm as watered down effects as opposed to being able to run more than algorithm].     


I don’t agree with #1. I think the price of the H9 is fair for what you get. It has much more to offer than one Strymon pedal. if you have two Strymon pedals that is about the price of a H9 max.

I agree with #2. That’s why I like the combined algos like SpaceTime that Eventide is bringing the last year. I would like to see more of those. But it still isn’t as fleixable as being able to combine two (or three) different algos. Being able to do that would greatly enhance the H9. Not sure if this physically possible though for future updates of the H9?