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Well the price is high, but it is a quality product. I have the Max and compared to what else is sold I find it a really good value. Other pedals are also good, but the Max is really outstanding. I think Strymon sounds great, but I do not miss it. There’s definitely no less quality in H9 – it’s a matter of taste whether you like one or the other more. I even think the price is so good that I am considering to by another one – a core, cos then when they are hooked up, they both become Max’s. And then you can talk about super value.

Anyway the algorithm I’m still hoping for is a granular delay. That’s rare for guitarists (although Red Panda’s got one). I don’t think there’s much point in just creating endless wishlists of cool devices that you can imagine and dream that they could be build into the H9. I think a serious wish list should consider the hardware and the interface. A granular effect would fit nicely into delays and the amound of controls available.