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bodde wrote:

I agree with #2. That’s why I like the combined algos like SpaceTime that Eventide is bringing the last year. I would like to see more of those. But it still isn’t as fleixable as being able to combine two (or three) different algos. Being able to do that would greatly enhance the H9. Not sure if this physically possible though for future updates of the H9?

I’ve said this a lot before, so not to beat a dead horse, but since we are a small community and Eventide seems to take these comments seriously, I want to respectfully state my disagreement with this.  Multi-effect algorithms are the last thing I want if they are limited to the standard 10(?) parameters.  Spacetime is interesting for the routing options, but the effects themselves are a little meh.  Simply combining these three effects is something that is geared at the owner of a single H9, not the owner of two (like myself) or more, where I’m already combining modulation and delay.  I would much rather see new and interesting effects than watered down combinations of multiple effects.