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Lot’s of good ideas on the thread.  The Patch Toggle mentioned above seemed really useful.  

Now responding to the “complaints” of too costly and one algorithm at I time, I just don’t get it.  I have a MAX and a CORE (which essentially became a max because I own one but at a lower price point).  

RE price, sure it is an expensive pedal.  But saying it should be cheaper is like saying that a custom shop strat should be cheaper.  More people would buy them, but the company would (likely) lose money.  I have custom shop Fenders and Gibsons.  Do I wish I paid less?  Sure.  But, they were well worth the money.  I feel that way about my H9’s.  Other brands are nice as well, and some are less costly.  But by the time you get all the gear that the H9 delivers, you are probably paying much more and are using much more pedal board space (which is important to me).  The other thing you must consider is that the good folks at Eventide keep making new algorithms, which are free for MAX owners, so you are recouping cost.  And how cool of them to keep making awesome algorithms.  Hats off to the company and the engineers.  

RE multiple algorithms, this confuses me a bit.  Most of the algorithms do have a combination of two effects.  So there is some combination.  And, as has been posted over and over, it is not really possible for the H9 to run two algorithms at the same time, so live with it.  I do have 2 H9’s, so yea, I like running more than one algorithm at a time.  But honestly I do not do it all that often.  (Maybe I just don’t understand the pre-post routing stuff, but I normally use one either at the end of the chain or at the beginning.  Oh and heck, for a couple of songs I play with the band the H9’s are off.).  While I am no creative genious, I am a pedal junkie and use a lot of effects.  But for the most part one H9 does everything I need.  I have to imagine that for most people one H9 running 1 algorithm (which again most algorithms have flavors of at least two effects) is plenty sufficient.  So like price, I feel like this is from people who want their cake and to eat it too.  And likely these complaints are really from non-H9 owners.  If they really paid the money to buy one and took the time to play one, I doubt they would be complaining much.