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In regard to Aliengrt’s laundry list.


Price? It’s one of the best pedals out there. It’s well worth the price. Want all that stuff? Metal distortions? Buy a Zoom or something.

I don’t want a bunch of generic crap I can get elsewhere. I want the new algos to be cutting edge stuff, we can’t get elsewhere. As to multi-effects, I didn’t get Timespace, as I can do all that stuff pretty easy with my other things, but I can get why some people would really like it. I’m good with multi algos, but I’d be more stoked if they could give us something we haven’t heard before. A progammable step arpeggiator, a realistic emulation of an instrument (kind of like EHX is doing right now, rather well)… it’s EVENTIDE, this isn’t Boss or DOD here, they are known for the best, cutting edge stuff. I hope they continue with that. I love my H9, it’s an indispensable part of my sound.