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now, dont shoot the messenger,I am just reporting what I have seen complaint wise on other forums:1)cost and 2)1 algorithm . one reviewer even dismissed the whole pedal based on price which I found very unfair (I think he had a grudge saying the true cost was shown when  the max came out as I recall….). I would definitely pay more for quality sound than more effects at the cost of crappier sound.however, I like the idea of a live mode with several decent effects for live use at one time as an algorithm (perhaps not intended for  studio use but live use-maybe same sound quality less parameters in trade for multipl effects at one time? can’t hurt) and yes of course keep super high quality algorithms coming with a few quality effects as has been done (space time etc…).  I have worked with the lexicon rack stuff for delay and reverb and it’s ok, but just not guitar friendly and of course doesnt do what the h9 can do and the h9 control is just great as can be!!