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bodde wrote:
Adamixoye wrote:
;Spacetime is interesting for the routing options, but the effects themselves are a little meh.  Simply combining these three effects is something that is geared at the owner of a single H9, not the owner of two (like myself) or more>

What do think is meh in the Spacetime algo? I think the three separate effecten stand for their own as well. I don’t consider them less quality than other effects in the H9. And also I think the majority of the users have only one H9. The reason why some have two is exactly that it is not possible to use multiple algos at the same time on one H9. I don’t want to buy two because I already own many pedals and don’t want to bring yet another pedal to the gig. I try to bring as less gear as possible. Also it is too complicated for me to shift presets with two H9’s if you don’t want extra foot switches or midi. So for me combined algos are great.

There’s just not a lot of control with the individual effects in Spacetime.  I’m not saying they sound bad.  I’m saying the only unique thing the algorithm brings is the routing options.  I mean, the modulation is basically a two-knob chorus.  I don’t know why I should be excited about that.  That’s not what the Eventide brand means to me.

I’m not sure about the demographics of H9 owners.  It stands to reason that single H9 owners are the majority, I would be surpised if that wasn’t the case, but I don’t think that automatically means that algorithms should be tailored to that crowd.  I want Eventide to continue to push in new directions, not give me something I can obtain with three 2-4 knob analog pedals.